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Heartbeet Kitchen’s Recipe for Easy Grilled Brats


Heartbeet Kitchen’s Recipe for Easy Grilled Brats

Need dinner plans for the whole family? Check out this spread! With Twin Eagles Partner Heartbeet Kitchen’s tasty technique, you can make grilled brats on your outdoor grill that come out plump and juicy every time, with no boiling necessary. For a fun twist, you can put together a fully-loaded brat board with all your favorite fixings and condiments. Brats are a great main dish to serve at your backyard barbeque, fall outdoor gathering, or game day party.

Check out Heartbeet Kitchen’s tips for grilling the perfect brats every time and try out the recipe below.

What temperature do brats need to be cooked to?

“Use a meat thermometer to check that your brats have reached a safe internal temperature of at least 160ºF before removing them from the grill,” says Amanda Paa of Heartbeet Kitchen.

Amanda’s Tip: Instead of poking the thermometer into the center of the brat, poke it into the end where the casing is slightly open so the juices won’t run.

Serving Grilled Brats for a Party

Heartbeet Kitchen’s signature brat board is simple to put together and guests will love it. You grill the brats and vegetables, everything else is store-bought.


grilled brats

bakery buns

ketchup, mustard, fry sauce

potato chips

grilled onions and peppers

raw red onion


nuts for snacking

Best Grilled Brats


8 fresh brats

peppers and onions

8 brat buns

ketchup and mustard



  • Big serving board
  • Grilling tongs


  1. Preheat one zone of your Twin Eagles grill to medium-low heat.
  2. Put the raw, fresh brats over that zone and cook gently, rolling the brats over a few times while cooking. You’ll cook them over medium-low heat until the interior temperature reaches 145ºF. (If you find your brats are starting to sizzle a lot, turn the heat down to make sure they don’t burst. But this shouldn’t be an issue with them over medium low heat.)
  3. If you want to grill some peppers onions, cut them in half or quarters and rub with olive oil, then set them over the zone of your grill that is on medium-low heat.
  4. Meanwhile, turn the other side of your grill to high. When your brats have reached 145ºF, transfer them to the high heat side, and sear on both sides. After they’ve been seared, check the temperature to make sure they are at least 160ºF, then remove from the grill. You can also sear your peppers and onions over the high heat to finish.
  5. Serve with your favorite fixings like ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, and pickles, and enjoy.

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