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Regulator, NG

This regulator is convertible to LP liquid propane for bulk/all-house propane setups, see images and your manual for how to convert to LP setting.  However, this regulator should not be used as a direct replacement to the S15302-G2R150 hose Regulator for LP 5gal setups ; The input into this regulator is 1/2".  

Parts List NG Regulator

Parts List Pinnacle Grill, Regulator, NG


Easily converted from NG to LP for bulk/all-house type of applications.  Simply remove the large top screw, then remove the inner piece shown in the photo, pull out the plastic piece and flip it over and press firmly to reset the plastic piece back in.  Put the part back in same way it was removed and screw back in.

Top Photo is showing NG, bottom photo is showing LP



Each, sold separately.